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GRAHAM BONNET Band – `Uncle John` Videorelease

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Der von Acts wie Rainbow, Alcatrazz oder Michael Schenker seit Jahrzehnten bekannte Sänger GRAHAM BONNET macht als Solortist weiter und hat seine neue Scheibe “Day Out In Nowhere“ für den 13. Mai angekündigt. Hier gibt’s das neue Video zum gerade erschienenen `Uncle John`.




A stranger in town, strutting around, he’s so impeccably dressed

Suited up to succeed, asked if I knew where he’d find work teaching kids

His twisted smile gave me the creeps as he said that

Was it the work or a child that he needs?


I’d seen his face, somewhere, some place, was it the news of the world or one of those Sunday rags?

This can’t be him, let me look, wait a minute…… it is!

He taught in school, subjects diverse

Hiding so well his perverted curse


Say have you met “Uncle John?”

That’s what the kids lovingly called him

Save them before they are gone

Down the dark path to the predators sanctuary


His persona divine, disturbingly sweet

He’s perfected his craft

Hiding lust and deceit

And the innocents suffer

As he has his way