You are currently viewing Gothic Metaller 616 – `Everything Dies´ (Type O Negative Cover)

Gothic Metaller 616 – `Everything Dies´ (Type O Negative Cover)

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Die US Gothic Metaller 616 beziehen ihre Inspirationen von Bands wie HIM, The 69 Eyes und Type O Negative. Was liegt da näher als eine Hommage in Form eines Tracks wie eben `Everything Dies´ von Type O.

Mastermind und Frontmann Matthew Lidwin erklärt:

„I chose to do ‚Everything Dies‘ by Type O Negative because it’s my best friend and bassist Cam Dewald’s favorite band and it his most favorite song and he told me why, when he was down and out and thinking life couldn’t get any worse, he listened to that song constantly and it got him through the day.  So I told am we’re doing it. He is so happy! Also who doesn’t like Type O Negative!”