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GOST – `Widow Song` zwischen Mayhem und Skinny Puppy

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An Black oder Extreme Metal erinnernde Vocals auf elektronischen, leicht Industriallastigen  Gothicsounds . Das bringt der GOST Track `Widow Song` vom Album “Prophecy“ das am 08. März erscheint.

Der Multiinstrumentalist, Produzent und kreative Kopf hinter GOST ist James Lollar. Er schreibt zur Veröffentlichung:

 “It’s about an imaginative fall of the Western civilization, the biblical end of the world – the rise of Satan and Armageddon,“ says Lollar. „In America, there’s been a big rise of scared, reactive Christianity again, and almost like a re-emergence of the Satanic Panic. So it felt like an appropriate time to bring Satan back into things.“

Und über die Single , „in der Schnittmenge von Mayhem und Skinny Puppy“:

‚Widow Song‘ is very personal to me on a few levels,“ elaborates Lollar. „The title tributes an old close friend who suddenly died years ago. The lyrical content is a direct response to the world of chaos we are all currently having to navigate. Sonically, I wanted to merge my new wave and black metal influences. I pushed my vocal capacity on ‚Widow Song,‘ going much lower and higher than I have previously attempted as GOST. The result rests somewhere between Mayhem and Skinny Puppy.





01.  Judgment
02. Prophecy
03. Death in Bloom
04. Deceiver
05. Obituary
06. Temple of Tears
07. Decadent Decay
08. Widow Song
09. Golgotha
10. Digital Death
11. Shelter
12. Through the Water
13. Leviathan