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GIRISH AND THE CHRONICLES – Indiens Rocker präsentieren `Loaded´ Clip

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Der Song der indischen Hardrocker stammt vom GIRISH AND THE CHRONICLES Debütalbum „Back On Earth“, das neu aufgenommen wurde und am 27. Januar 2023 veröffentlicht wird. Auf den Zweitling “Rock The Highway“ (2020) folgte im Februar 2022 bereits der dritte Silberling „Hail To The Heroes“.

Frontmann Girish Pradhan erklärt die Neuaufnahme näher:

„We wanted the whole thing to have a fresh new start. Although we wanted to keep most of the vocal takes, we have been introducing a lot of musical changes to these songs in live performances. So we thought, “Why not do the same in the new recordings?“ We always felt that we had technical challenges back in the day and couldn’t deliver the hard hitting sound that we had originally intended, so we introduced some new breakdowns, chord sequences, solos, and bass and drum parts to these songs that make them feel closer to where we are now. We didn’t want to mess around too much with the vocals though, which is why I only re-recorded the vocals for ‚Angel‘ and ‚Loaded‘. As a whole, the whole thing sounds quite different from the 2014 version, but all in all, it stays true to the spirit of the songs, however, we feel that it is closer to the vision we had back in the day.“