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GHOSTHEART NEBULA – ‘Mira’ feat. Lucia Amelia Emmanueli

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Die schwarz gefärbten Doomster  GHOSTHEART NEBULA scheinen sich mit atmosphärisch dichten Songs auszukennen, nimmt man den Opener des am 17. September erscheinenden “Ascension“ Albums zum Maßstab. Neben den Death Metal Growls hört ihr in dem Track auch die Sojourner / Monochrome The City Sängerin Lucia Amelia Emmanueli. Zusammen mit der Bdn erzeugen die beiden eine wirklich desparate Stimmung.

Über den Song sagrt die Band:

„Mira, the most wonderful dying comet in the firmament is traveling towards its own death. A solitary man sees this trajectory from afar and tries to express his last wish to save himself from a state of sadness and tragedy. In that moment he realizes that everything is going to die, no matter what. Every attempt will always bring him to death. So, he must embrace the truth and see the human being as small and insignificant and, in that moment, he’s completely lost, but he just understand the meaning of his life. With this track, that’s also the opener of the album, enriched by the ethereal voice of Lucia Amelia Emmanueli, we start the journey of „Ascension“.“