You are currently viewing GENUS ORDINIS DEI – ‘Exorcism’ Orchestraler Death Metal im Video

GENUS ORDINIS DEI – ‘Exorcism’ Orchestraler Death Metal im Video

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Die mittlerweile zur Symphonic-Death-Sound mutierten italienischen GENUS ORDINIS DEI, hat mit „Glare Of Deliverance“ Ende 2020 ihr drittes Album herausgebracht und postet mit dem Video zu ‘Exorcism’ jetzt ihren neunten von zehn Teilen, passend zum Album.




You demon I bringer of light

You ancient evil I will hit you tonight

The holy water will strike you And you will tell me your name

My fist of salt will blind you

Together they will be like a stone rain

Feel the heat of my hands

I’m touching your soul

It’s like a morbid dance

Choke your inner war

Fly out of me

My Lord with broken wings

Here the Cross will taste my grip

Your hearth is mine And you will rise

Esci da questa creatura

Eleanor Che Dio ha segnato con il suo sigillo

Fuggi per il segno della Santa Croce di nostro Signore

Egli vive e regna nei secoli dei secoli


Your face appears

Your gift is here

The time is right

This time I see the sign

I embrace his neck

My Lord give me your strength

The sin has marked me

The cross is at my feet

The time is now

This time I show my mouth

Its color is black

The Hearth of Stone is back.