You are currently viewing GENERATION RADIO (Journey, Chicago u.a. Member) – `Lights Go Out In Paradise` Video

GENERATION RADIO (Journey, Chicago u.a. Member) – `Lights Go Out In Paradise` Video

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GENERATION RADIO sind eine neue AOR Band bei denen man bekannte Namen wiederfindet. Jay DeMarcus, Jason Scheff, Deen Castronovo, Tom Yankton und Chris Rodriguez bilden diese “Supergroup”, deren Sound sich nun wirklich in die Generation der Radiohörer, also die 80er perfekt einfügt und eben an die Großen des Genres erinnert. Kein Wunder bei der Vergangenheit.

Jay Demarcus (Rascal Flatts) erzählt:

„This music is the best of all of us. Everyone in this band sings and contributes in a huge way. Jason is not only one of my best friends, but he is also one of my all-time favorite singers, and his performances on this record are stellar. Deen is among the very best drummers in the world, but he is also a world-class singer. In fact, I’m convinced Journey heard him with us, and immediately wanted him back in the band! I’m kidding, of course, but we were fortunate to have him on this ‚journey‘. Finally, Chris and Yankton are veterans and some of my favorite musicians and singers. Chris and I go back to our early days together in Christian music. It is a true honor to make music with people who you respect so much, and hold in such high regard,“

Und Jason Scheff ergänzt:

„My partner Jay [DeMarcus] had the idea to fuse Rascal Flatts with Journey and Chicago, so that’s what we did. Jay had several songs over the years that he’d co-written,  exhibiting all his influences. There was no surprise he listened to a lot of Journey and Chicago! Those songs became the catalyst for the band and we rounded it out with some songs written specifically for the album that were in keeping with that theme. There’s no other way to put it other than when you listen to this record you will hear a beautiful blend of Rascal Flatts meets Journey meets Chicago, not to mention having the best of the best in the production, recording, and mastering department. A team of all current hitmakers,“

Jetzt hat die Band das Video zu `Lights Go Out In Paradise` veröffentlicht. Das selbstbetitelte Debütalbum wird am 12. August die 80ies ganz klar wiederbeleben.




  1. Why Are You Calling Me Now?
  2. Angels
  3. All Night To Get There
  4. I Hope You Find It
  5. Time To Let It Go
  6. Lights Go Out In Paradise
  7. Don’t Go
  8. Smoking
  9. Anything But Us
  10. Waiting On Your Sunshine
  11. Finally Got It Right