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GATES TO HELL – Derbe Videosingle `Resurrected` ist online

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Der Fünferpack aus Louisville, GATES TO HELL, mag es derb und ungehobelt. So zumindest präsentiert sich die Videosingle `Resurrected`, die Elemnte aus Death und Thrash Metal mit einer hörbaren Hardcoreattitude anreichert.

Gitarrist Seth Lewis hat zur Single zu sagen:

„It’s my favorite Gates to Hell song released to date. After touring and practicing as much as we have the last couple of years, we’ve all really meshed together so much better as musicians. Trying to stick to our roots of the death metal/hardcore sound our music has always had, but being more collaborative and creative with some elements.”





Called to kill


from my grave

Reborn to

Fulfill my revenge

There are no prayers

That can save you

From this death

From where I once laid

Shall be your new grave

As I drag your corpse

Through the gates

Through the gates

Watching the life

as it leaves your eyes

I will have

My revenge