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FUROR GALLICO – `Call of the Wind´ Videosingle der Extreme Folker

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Wie schon auf der ersten Auskopplung `Among the Ashes`verbinden die italienischen Celtic Folk Metaller FUROR GALLICO in der zweiten Single `Call Of The Wind´ Growls und Death Metal Riffing mit weiblichem Gesang sowie Flöten- und Harfenklängen, eine schräge, aber auch ziemlich spannende Mixtur. Die neue Studioscheibe der siebenköpfigen Truppe „Future to Come“ kommt am 22. März auf den Markt. 



Infinite days that I can’t count no more
Spent in four grey walls
As chains encircled my soul
I had lost contact within myself
And I couldn’t feel no more
Wondering where I have been
Forlorn, alone
Asking myself if this is all real

And I’m awaking now
To hear the call of the wind
Whisper to me
And I can feel again
The warm sun shining on me
I am finally
Still alive

In the emptiness and darkness
That have surrounded us all
You can dwindle in futile days
But this is not for me
I’ll never let the greyness
Overcome my fragile soul
I’ll never allow myself to give in
In no cage I’ll be confined

No more darkness
In all that I feel
I’ve been running away from those walls
That suffocate me
No chains remained unbroken
Now that I’ve freed my soul
Never again imprisoned

Meaningless days that I can count no more
But now these grey walls
That have encircled my soul
Crumble and shutter to pieces
I’m finally alive again
My inner self I’ve set free
In connection
With a higher sense of creation