You are currently viewing FUNERAL – Doom Pioniere veröffentlichen neuen Song ‚Materie‘ im Lyric Video

FUNERAL – Doom Pioniere veröffentlichen neuen Song ‚Materie‘ im Lyric Video

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Am 10. Dezember erscheint die neue Scheibe „Praesentialis in Aeternum“ der norwegischen Death-Doom-Legende FUNERAL. Bereits heute gibt es die Premiere des Lyricvideos zum Track ‚Materie‘.

Die Band kommentiert:

„The song ‚Materie‘ was written in collaboration with my good friend Jarno Salomaa from the Finnish band Shape of Despair. We used to play in the band Clouds together some years ago. It was actually finished 6 years ago, and performed live once or twice back then untitled.

It is the shortest song from the album, but it has everything one would recognize from us, plus a hint of Jarno’s distinct sound and feel. I’m very proud of this collaboration. This song also introduces the very talented guitarist Magnus Tveiten with his first solo contribution for FUNERAL.

The song contains the usual epic orchestration that you will have also heard on ‚Ånd‘ plus a couple of parts with only vocals and piano. So it is a diverse song, but also hints to what can be heard on the album. Sindre does a magnificent job with his signature harmonies and some growling. The lyrical content continues where ‚Ånd‘ ended, and continues the conceptual journey into our personal take on the works of Immanuel Kant.“