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FROZEN CROWN – stellen Video zu `Victorious´ vor

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Die italienischen Power Metaller FROZEN CROWN steuern mit großen Schritten auf die Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Albums „Call Of The North“ am 10. März zu und reichen zur gerade erschienenen zweiten Auskopplung `Victorious´ den Videoclip nach. Den Titeltrack in Bild und Ton gibt es nochmals hier für Euch.



I still remember the time I was a child

when all the secrets were still to find out

I tried to seek the meaning of this life and what it hid


I still remind the void inside my heart

when all the memories vanished out

I felt so young but had to learn demise and what it means


Story told what was too obvious

we’re all so brittle inside

Holy war, it made us glorious

we were born warriors, you know


We will be victorious in the dead of night

Our name will sound loud on the battleground

Power to the ones who dare

Fire lives for eternity


I still remind the day I had to run

A thousand blades rushing down

I was too young but had to learn the steel and what it brings