You are currently viewing FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE – `Distant Voices` im Power Metal Stil

FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE – `Distant Voices` im Power Metal Stil

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Die griechischen Heavy Metaller FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE gehen bei `Distant Voices`, der neuen Auskopplung ihres am 13. Oktober kommenden Albums „Envy“, deutlicher als beim zuletzt hochgeladenen Heavy Track `Ride The Thunder`,  in Richtung Power Metal. Inhaltlich ist der neue Song vom Filmklassiker Bladerunner beeinflusst, wie Gitarrist Fotis Sotiropoulos erklärt:

„Distant Voices“ was born when I decided to see if I can do something with an old lead guitar theme that I used to keep for years. Even if I had my doubts at first, it turned out to be a really interesting song. The lyrics are inspired by the famous sci-fi movie’s „Blade runner’s“ last scene with Rutger Hauer and Harrison Ford, when Rutger Hauer says his notorious short monologue just before he dies, accepting his tragic fate being a clone designed by humans with a limited life span. We made a video for this song where you can see a dancer as a tragic figure of a clone, dancing a desperate and passionate dance.”



Photo Credit:  Fotis Benardo