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FORTIS VENTUS – symphonisch-cinematisch im `Cave Of Glass´ Clip

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Das griechische Trio FORTIS VENTUS veröffentlicht sein Debütalbum „Vertalia“ am 03. Juni. Die Symphonic Cinematic Soundtrack Metaller präsentieren heute ihre zweite Single `Cave Of Glass´ im düsteren Videoclip. Die erste Auskopplung `My Death is My Devotion´ könnt Ihr Euch hier ansehen.

Die Band erklärt:

„A journey to the dramatic and mysterious. Thriller undertones start us off with violins playing an eerie tune only for the song to break into big, open, distorted chords. It then takes a dark turn, void of distortion with a prominent operatic melody. The chorus follows a straight beat and more melodic vocals to a heavy bridge baptized in a touch of horror. The ending brings forth an air of hope with the orchestration reflecting that.“

Und fügt hinzu:

„The audience will be surprised at the intricate orchestrations that hide behind complex melodies on this album. Each person hearing it will find a glimmer to empathize in every track. We wanted to tell a story and give the listener a variety of feelings and a journey alongside the lyrics.“ adds the band.