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FOLTERKAMMER – `Das Peitschengedicht` der Opern Black Metaller ist online

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Operesker Black Metal. Wer sich darunter nichts vorstellen kann, dürfte in guter Gesellschaft sein, kann dieses ab sofort und hier ändern, denn FOLTERKAMMER stellen ihren Song `Das Peitschengedicht` im offiziellen Lyricclip vor. Der BDSM Track `Das Peitschengedicht`ist auc der erste Vorbote des kommenden Albums

Die Frontfrau Andromeda Anarchia, des Quintetts erklärt:

„This song is our kinky ode to the whip as a torture instrument, and a celebratory hymn to the practices of BDSM, particularly, Femdom. The whip, a symbol of domination, pain and humiliation, is described here not only as playful and kinky, but as a poetic enactment of pain through the depiction of female ferocity on a submissive man, whose back the Domme uses like a canvas.

It is about this sensual overdrive of stimulation and literally describes the lustful use of a whip as a kind of ‚calligraphy brush‘ to write a poem. The dominatrix verbally humiliates her subject while blood runs down his spine; his blood is the ink with which she paints and signs her artwork of pain and ecstasy.

The song bridges both musically and thematically the old album (regarding a vicious, violent, and abusive ‚Bad Domme‘ goddess) and the new one (featuring a badass, erotic ‚Good Domme‘). This opens a new chapter with a change defined not only by the expanded instrumentation and new songwriting styles, but also by the way the described dominant female protagonist treats her subordinates and has refined her skills in humiliation games. It’s no longer about being a vicious, exploitative deity, but about being a sensual, naughty, self-confident, kinky lady who knows exactly what she wants, who celebrates female power, who sometimes flirts and cleverly provokes with historical and mythological anecdotes, and even more with her charm and sass.

This bridging of the debut album and the new album is also reflected in the aesthetics of the video. In the words of our drummer and music video director Brendan McGowan: ‚The ‚Das Peitschengedicht‘ video sets the dominating lyrics to footage from the 1922 classic ‚Haxan‘ – whose famous images of devils and demons often overshadow the wicked women within it and their blasphemous behavior.‚“





Photo Credit: Alex Krauss