You are currently viewing FINAL GASP – “Mourning Moon” Full Album Stream  der Death Rock Crew

FINAL GASP – “Mourning Moon” Full Album Stream der Death Rock Crew

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Death Rock, sprich Metal, Goth und Post-Punk, der im Wesentlichen an Killing Joke erinnert, verbinden Bostons FINAL GASP auf ihrem Debütalbum “Mourning Moon”. Die gesammelten zwölf Tracks der gerade erschienenen Scheibe könnt ihr jetzt hier als  Full Album Stream hören.

Sänger Jake Murphy erklärt:

The whole record has to do with loss, The title comes from that anxious feeling you have when you go to bed and you’re thinking about everything all at once. You’re regretting decisions you’ve made—or didn’t make—and you’re up all night thinking about it.
Every song was  written with nothing but a natural feeling for what felt right, There’re tons of different influences, like Killing Joke and Die Kreuzen, even Echo & The Bunnymen and SSD.  But we’re not really thinking about other bands. We feel like we’ve tapped into something that’s our own.”




  1. Climax Infinity 00:00
  2. Homebound 03:06
  3. Botched Ritual 08:32
  4. Frozen Glare 11:33
  5. Seize 14:43
  6. Blood and Sulfur 15:53
  7. Mourning Moon 17:34
  8. Unnatural Law 20:54
  9. 14 Gates 24:28
  10. Temptation 27:40
  11. The Vanishing 30:18
  12. Rows Of Heaven 34:12