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FATAL EMBRACE – Old School Black Death Outfit zeigt `Empyreal Doom‘ Clip

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Die 1992 gegründete schwedische Black Death Truppe FATAL EMBRACE streamt heute ihr Lyricvideo zum teils rasenden, teils melodischen Track `Empyreal Doom‘. Damit geben sie einen Vorgeschmack auf den 24. Februar, wenn nach fünf Jahren „Bearbeitungszeit“ dann endlich ihr Longplayer “Manifestium Infernalis“ herauskommt.

Die Band erzählt dazu:

“It’s been a long time coming. 30 years have passed since we formed Fatal Embrace back in 1992. It took us 30 years to make the album we always wanted. Everything on this album is done by ourselves. Everything. The process of making this album has taken almost 5 years of our lives and a lot has happened during this time. The world seemed to grow darker and darker around us as a pandemic descended upon world. All this made for an inspiring time to write and record music.

Empyreal doom is the first single from our upcoming album Manifestum Infernalis. This song represents the album in every aspect. Both musically and lyrically Empyreal Doom gives an insight into what can be expected from the upcoming album. Early fans of Fatal Embrace will most likely be in for a bit of a surprise at first before finding that this is still very much Fatal Embrace. We have been around for long enough to know that the Empyreal Doom is inevitable for all of us.