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EYEHATEGOD – ‘Fake What’s Yours’

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Das Visualiser Video zu ‘Fake What’s Yours’ kündigt die neue Scheibe „A History of Nomadic Behavior“, von EYEHATEGOD an, das am 12 März erscheint.  Die 1988 gegründeten Sludge Metaller melden sich damit nach sieben Jahren Recording-Auszeit mit einem neuen Studioalbum zurück, nachdem Vocalist Mike Williams zunächst ein Leberversagen erlitt und eine anschließende Transplantation überstehen musste.

„We toured our asses off for three years and that’s where “A History of Nomadic Behavior” basically comes from,” … “Death is a part of life, it’s a roll of the dice. Sometimes you take life as it comes, other times you fight to stay alive .”




Lyrics: Fake What’s Yours


How to be just invisible

How to be part divisible

Use weapons take their money Transistor radio fiction

Transistor radio winter

Don’t add a price to chaos Say goodbye don’t betray us


Silence was their trademark Won’t say it, never talk


Post-death ballot box

Hands off stabbing block Don’t know where I’m going Rat’s fly never knowing

Trash man jesus fixing

Now there’s something missing Further down the street

Lives in the name of filth Chase away your pride

Use no arms or hands

Rusted bombs trade ghetto

Torn apart ripped apart

Your price out now

Circuits in her head swindle out of luck Rusted bombs trade ghetto

Torn apart ripped apart

Your price out now

Regardless of your purposes

I’m standing by the razor