You are currently viewing Extremes von MANTAR – `Hang `Em Low (So the Rats Can Get ‚Em)` Video

Extremes von MANTAR – `Hang `Em Low (So the Rats Can Get ‚Em)` Video

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Das deutsche Duo MANTAR ist seit zehn Jahren in Sachen Extreme Metal unterwegs und macht sich auf, ihre nächste Scheibe “ Pain Is Forever and This Is the End“ am 15. Juli unter das auf garstige Sounds fixierte Volk zu bringen. Im Vorfeld streamen die beiden Herren Hanno Klänhardt und Erinc Sakarya die vergleichsweise melodische aber dennoch bösartige „Blackened Sludge Grunge“ Nummer `Hang ‚Em Low (So the Rats Can Get ‚Em)` als Video.

Hanno erzählt:

“I just knew I wanted to write stronger ‘songs’ in relation to ‘songwriting’ and rely less on being an ‘extreme’ metal act that only convinces through a certain sound or general heaviness. I invested more time on trying to write better songs, interesting structures, and catchy tunes.” und fährt fort:

I tried to tweak the guitar sound more according to each individual song and its mood. We tried to steer away from ‘metal sound’ standards and more in a direction where you can hear different nuances in sound. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but we never were a part of any scene, therefore we don’t ‘owe’ a certain sound to anyone instead of only screaming like a maniac.