You are currently viewing EXODUS – Streamen neues ‘The Fires of Division’ Video

EXODUS – Streamen neues ‘The Fires of Division’ Video

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Die Thrashikonen EXODUS haben einen neun Musikclip  für ‘The Fires of Division’ aufgelegt, um ihrer elfte Studioscheibe “Persona Non Grata“ zu pushen. Verantwortlich für den Track ist mal wieder Gary Holt.

Die kurze Anmerkung der Band zum Video lautet:

This video was super fun to make, as it was the first time the band had gathered together in some time!




Divided what was once united

by ideology of hate

Incited till the two collided

eagerly we take the bait

Drowning in a sea of lies

I feign no surprise at our fate

Consume at the shit they feed

excrete it back on the plate




Stoking the fires of division

Burning our world away

Building the ire and derision


Freedom’s just another word

for nothing left to lose

The lines are drawn between right and wrong

you only have to choose

This is our time

our moment for mutiny

Give me death or liberty


Solo Gary

Solo Lee


Do you believe in everything you hear?

believe everything you see?

Afraid of what you’re told to fear

cower at what is to be

Embers of society

ashes of a nation

Will rain upon us all

and our crumbling foundation


Burning, no hope returning

democracy set aflame

Churning, all peace adjourning

willingly we play the game

Wallowing in a field of shit

from where I sit it’s all the same

No strength until united

proudly we hail our name


Repeat chorus