You are currently viewing EXODUS – `Piranha` vom “Live At The Astoria ’89” Album

EXODUS – `Piranha` vom “Live At The Astoria ’89” Album

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Zum Release der EXODUS Retro-Livescheibe “British Disaster: The Battle of ’89 – Live At The Astoria” stellen die Bay Area Thrasher einen Visualizer zum großartigen  Track `Piranha` online. ´Fabulous Disaster´ war in der Liveversion bereits im April erschienen.

Gary Holt erklärte zur Veröffentlichung:

“Sometimes something truly awesome drops right in your lap. In the case of Exodus, it was full multitrack tape reels from our headlining show in London while on tour for Fabulous Disaster! So we thought, “let’s listen and see what we have” and BAM! We were on FIRE! Pure over the top thrash, one hundred percent live, and as dangerous as ever! We are f—g stoked to be able to release this for our fans. Total mayhem!”





The Last Act of Defiance

Fabulous Disaster

Til Death Do Us Part


The Toxic Waltz

A Lesson In Violence



Like Father Like Son

Deliver Us To Evil


And Then There Were None

Verbal Razors

Brain Dead

Strike Of The Beast


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