You are currently viewing EXHUMED – teilen Lyricclip zur neuen Single `Carbonized`

EXHUMED – teilen Lyricclip zur neuen Single `Carbonized`

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Im untenstehenden Lyricvideo gibt es die zweite „To The Dead“-Single `Carbonized´, welche auf die erste Auskopplung `Drained Of Color´ folgt. Die neue Scheibe der US Death Metaller/Grindcoreler EXHUMED erscheint dann am 21. Oktober.

Frontmann Matt Harvey kommentiert:

„For me, the most exciting thing about To The Dead is that it’s the most collaborative record we’ve ever done. Our own six-string slime-slinger Sebastian Phillips disgorged the riffs for ‘Carbonized,’ the disgusting little ditty we’ve selected as the second single from the album. Then Ross, Mike, and I worked out the lyrics, so this ode to cerebral incineration is truly a group effort — which takes some of the blame away from yours truly if you guys hate it! For the optimal carbonizing experience, turn out the lights, crank up the volume, spark a bowl, and this tune will vaporize what’s left of your senses and sanity!

Like a lingering infection, we’ve returned to excruciate your eardrums and splatter your senses! The lads and I are very stoked to excrete our latest audio abortion onto the collective face of the underground. We’ve dialed up the ‘gross-o-meter’ to 666, so if gore-soaked blastbeats, disgusting vocals, and meat-cleaving riffs are your idea of a good time, you’re in for a fucken treat!”