You are currently viewing EXHUMED – präsentieren `Disgusted´ Singlepremiere

EXHUMED – präsentieren `Disgusted´ Singlepremiere

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Die neue Scheibe „To The Dead“ der US Death Metaller/Grindcoreler EXHUMED erscheint am 21. Oktober. Heute gibt es die letzte Single `Disgusted´ für Euch im Audioclip.

Frontmann Matt Harvey kommentiert den Track:

„Our final single from To the Dead is a veritable labyrinth of riffs that mirrors the lyrical content, dragging the listener kicking and screaming on a descent into homicidal mania. If you make it through this track alive after it slices, dices, chops and rips your senses, you deserve a beer before you dive back in for another listen! It’s an Exhumed track – you know what to do, crank up the volume, crack open a cold one, and shed some brain cells with us!“