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EVILE – Thrashen ‘The Thing‘

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„Hell Unleashed“ bringt Ende der Woche, nach acht Jahren Pause, wieder frisches Songmaterial der UK Thrasher EVILE. Als letzte Vorabsingle gibt es noch den Song ‘The Thing‘, der auf dem John Carpenter Horrorfilm von 1982 beruht.

Sänger und Gitarrist OL Drake:

„The 3rd and final single from Hell Unleashed is not only based on my favourite movie of all time but it’s a strong contender for my favourite song off the album. This track goes through so many cool changes, with frenetic vocals which mirror the subject matter, and we couldn’t be prouder of not only this song, but the entire album it’s featured on. Blast „The Thing“ as loud as you can!“


Titelfoto: Karl Smith