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EVERLUST – Lettische Goth-Metaller zeigen ‘Alone‘ Video

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EVERLUST aus Riga vermischen Gothic Rock und melodischen aber auch melancholischen Metal zu ihrer eigenen Mixtur, die sie auf ihrem Album “Diary Of Existence“ festgehalten haben. Davon streamen sie jetzt das Video zu ‘Alone‘, über das sie Folgendes erzählen:

“The song is about an existential crisis, when the person assumes that he/she is a very small moment in time. Also this song is about unanswered feelings. Nothing hurts more than being ignored by the person you love and crave attention. The video shows Kate feeling abandoned by the other band and the parallel story tells us how destructive these feelings can be.

With this video we want to thank all our fans and wish to spend Christmas with loved ones and never be alone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yours, Everlust”