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EVERGREY – `Call Out The Dark´ Piano Vocal Version Video veröffentlicht

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Die schwedischen Melancholic Prog Metal Veteranen EVERGREY präsentieren ihren #1 Spotify Track `Call Out The Dark´ (über eine Millionen Streams) in einer emotionalen Piano/Vocal Version, die vom kommenden Anniversary Album „From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits“ stammt, der 30 Jahre melodische Dunkelheit aus Göteborg feiert und am Freitag auf den Markt kommt. Die Originalversion von `Call Out The Dark´ stammt vom 2022er Werk „A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)“.

Drummer Jonas Ekdahl stellt fest:

”I love how Tom and Rikard manage to take these songs and transform them into something unique and different than its original form and sound. If you manage to remove all the production elements within a song and strip everything down to its essence, and still feel that it holds up and sounds good – you know it’s a good song! That’s exactly what they have done with these Piano/Vocal versions in my opinion. This version of ’Call Out The Dark’ delivers slightly darker vibe and the lyrics stand out and reach you even more than on the original version.”