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EVERDAWN – Symphonic Metaller präsentieren `The Last Eden´ Lyricclip

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Die US Symphonic Metaller präsentieren einen neuen, aufrüttelnden, inspirierenden Lyricclip mit einer wichtigen Message. `The Last Eden´ ist die dritte Single aus EVERDAWN´s bereits erschienenem Debütalbum „Cleopatra“.

Die Band veröffentlicht folgendes Statement dazu:

“‘The Last Eden’ is our attempt to bring awareness to the events that oftentimes are considered too disturbing to be discussed, and therefore they are not brought up or taken into account. Such provocative topics as shark finning, poaching, makeup testing on animals, deforestation, and effects of the plastic pollution on our environment due to excessive consumerism and greed for profit are just a few that we elaborate on in the song.

“As humans, we often choose to ignore or pretend that evil and injustice aren’t there as long as we don’t see it happen. Hence, why it is critical to face these issues head-on to find resolutions and better ways of spending our time here on planet Earth, in harmony with each other and its other residents (flora and fauna). It is time that we overcome our fear and look at the challenge, right in the eyes, and acknowledge where we’ve gone wrong and what each of us can do at this time to better our lives and the lives of our future generations.

„We are the Strength, if we unite to prosper life, not to destroy…“


Photo Credits: Northern Luna