JADED HEART – „Heart Attack Tour“ 2023 – ABGESAGT

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JADED HEART – „Heart Attack Tour“ 2023 – ABGESAGT

10. Oktober 2022

(bereits stattgefunden!)

Wie so vielen momentan ergeht es auch den Hard Rockern von JADED HEART, die ihre für Herbst geplante “Heart Attack“ Tour nicht durchziehen können. Hier das Statement der Band:

”We thought it was over, but it isn’t…

As you might have noticed, lots of tours are still being postponed this year. Even though most things are back to normal, some industries are still affected by the aftermath of the pandemic. Unfortunately, that’s the case here:

We know that Jaded Heart were looking forward to celebrating their new album with a tour in Germany and Belgium. But due to the increase in production costs, the oversupply of shows and stagnating ticket sales, it’s currently impossible to go through with the HEART ATTACK TOUR. For this reason the band decided to postpone the shows until next year in hopes the issues will be resolved by then. We are working on getting Jaded Heart on stage in some other manner this year. We hope to have some good news for you soon.“