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EUNOMIA – Power Metal Unit teilt `My Heart`

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“Adventure” Power Metal nennen die Norweger EUNOMIA ihre Musik, die sie ab dem 15. September als „The Chronicles of Eunomia Part 2“ Album unter die Leute bringen möchten. Dabei geht die Truppe genretypisch schnell und treibend aber auch mit epischen  Symphonic-Elementen ans Werk und hat sich für die Scheibe einige bekannte Gastmusiker ins Boot geholt.

Das jetzt geteilte `My Heart`  gibt euch einen Eindruck.


Peter Danielsen sagt über das Album:

„Everyone in the band has helped shape the new album. We worked hard to get this album the way it sounds. Re-written parts on many songs to make them as perfect as we could. I think the fans will hear that the band has evolved and become better, tighter, and more creative than on the first album. Better melodies, better songwriting, and even more epic than ever. We have leveled up significantly on this album. I believe this album is 10x better than the first one and I think the choruses will be stuck in the minds of fans and I hope they press the replay button many times after listening to it for the first time.“




  1. The Search” ft. Alessandro Conti (Twilight Force), Arnaud Ménard (Alkemyst), Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer) – 5:20
    2. Glorious ft. Artemij Ryabovol, Ronny Castillo – 3:58
    3. A New Dawn – 5:07
    4. Battle of the Overlook ft. Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer) – 6:08
    5. Another Dimension – 4:09
    6. My King – 5:40 ft. Matt Krais (ShadowStrike), Fredrik Enochson
    7. Clash of Steel – 4:44
    8. Carry On – 5:53
    9. Riding Towards The Sunset ft.Ty Christian (Lords of The Trident) – 6:20
    10. Raise Our Banners ft. Mikael Dahl (Crystal Eyes), Ty Christian (Lords of The Trident) – 5:01
    11. My Heart ft. Olaf Hayer (Luca Turilli’s band, Dionysus, Anders Sköld (Veonity) – 4:13
    12. The Story Goes On ft. Ivan Giannini (Derdian/Vision Divine), Arnaud Ménard (Alkemyst), Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer) – 4:17