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EUNOMIA – Power Metal pur: `The Story Goes On` Clip

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Für September 23 haben die norwegischen Power Metaller EUNOMIA  die Veröffentlichung ihres zweiten Longplayers “The Chronicles of Eunomia Part 2″ geplant, auf dem auch jede Menge Gäste ihren Beitrag leisten. Zur Einstimmung darauf könnt ihr jetzt den schnellen Epic, Bombast Fantasy Track `The Story Goes On` im frischen Lyricvideo hören, bei dem auch Ivan Giannini (Derdian/Vision Divine), Arnaud Ménard (Alkemyst), Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer) mitgewirkt haben.

Bandgründer, Sänger und Keyboarder Peter Danielsen erklärt zur Auskopplung:

“Let’s explode into our first single! This is the fastest song I have ever written, I have always wanted to make a song that could fit into a Dragonforce album. Ivan Giannini from Derdian/Vision Divine and Arnaud Ménard from Alkemyst sings their hearts out in this one. Fast riffs, fast and melodic guitar solo from the one and only Jimmy Hedlund from Falconer, a lot of fast epic drums, and an epic chorus. This song is the last song on the album, but I felt it needed to be shown first because I love this song so much.“




  1. The Search” ft. Alessandro Conti (Twilight Force), Arnaud Ménard (Alkemyst), Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer) – 5:20
  2. Glorious ft. Artemij Ryabovol, Ronny Castillo – 3:58
  3. A New Dawn – 5:07
  4. Battle of the Overlook ft. Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer) – 6:08
  5. Another Dimension – 4:09
  6. My King – 5:40 ft. Matt Krais (ShadowStrike), Fredrik Enochson
  7. Clash of Steel – 4:44
  8. Carry On – 5:53
  9. Riding Towards The Sunset ft.Ty Christian (Lords of The Trident) – 6:20
  10. Raise Our Banners ft. Mikael Dahl (Crystal Eyes), Ty Christian (Lords of The Trident) – 5:01
  11. My Heart ft. Olaf Hayer (Luca Turilli’s band, Dionysus, Anders Sköld (Veonity) – 4:13
  12. The Story Goes On ft. Ivan Giannini (Derdian/Vision Divine), Arnaud Ménard (Alkemyst), Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer) – 4:17