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ESCUELA GRIND – Extreme Metaller feiern `Ball and Chain` Videopremiere

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New Englands Extreme Metal Crew ESCUELA GRIND veröffentlicht am 12. Januar 2024 ihre neue EP mit dem Titel „DDEEAATTHHMMEETTAALL“, wobei ein Track auch mit der Mitarbeit von Napalm Death Growler Barney geadelt wird. Damit komplettieren ESCUELA GRIND  ihre Trilogie, zu der auch die beiden 2020 veröffentlichten „PPOOWWEERRVVIIOOLLEENNCCEE“ und „GGRRIINNDDCCOORREE“ EPs gehören.

Mit der Ankündigung, lässt die Band auch ihr Livemittschnitt-Video zum Track `Ball and Chain` von der Leine, der eindrucksvoll die brutale Marschrichtung demonstriert.

Frontröhre Katerina Economou erzählt:

„Finishing this trilogy has been years in the works. We are so excited to release these songs as they are perhaps the best reflection of our live performance. The stage has honed these hectic songs to perfection. Originally we were going to have three songs on this EP, but we wanted to create another track that had a huge buildup. This eventually developed into this brutal song, „Ball and Chain“, that marks the point in our live shows where we have a wall of death every night. Lyrically, it references death metal tropes of murder and revenge, but with a decidedly feminine angle.“




Your prisoner, Blinded by faith

Insecure and naive, Until you

Gutted me out


Thought that you could play with me

Savor all the pain, My ball and chain…


Bring me life


Your deceit breeds a torture


Snuffed my light

Yet ignite anew

Illicit pleasure


Kill you, Maim you, Bleed you


Sawing down lengthwise

Through bone and cries

Endure the severance

To please my suffering


Peeling back your eyes

For one last chance recognize


Biting ankle tines

That intertwine

Snapping the tendon

To free me from aching


You, your throne of lies

Will seal your fate for tonight


Blood’s not enough

Five liters

Cannot represent the pain of

Truth, what it holds



Kill you, Maim you, Bleed you

Ball and Chain

Kill you, Maim you, Bleed you


Don’t waste the suffering

Puncturing, Smothering, Guzzling


Drink from your injury

Drown in me, Sputtering misery


Taste your hypocrisy

Make you bleed, Genital mockery


Don’t waste the suffering

Savor all the pain

My ball and chain