You are currently viewing ERADICATOR –  Video zum Titeltrack `The Paradox` veröffentlicht

ERADICATOR – Video zum Titeltrack `The Paradox` veröffentlicht

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Am 20. September werden die germanischen Thrasher ERADICATOR ihren Sechsten Studiolongplayer “ The Paradox“ auf die Thrashgemeinde loslassen. Heute schon gibt es das Video zum Titelsong zu sehen.




Enter the fortress of suffering

Step past the threshold of death

Stripped off – awaiting the gallows

Poisoned with the final breath

Mass production deconstruction

Efficiency of machinery

Dissected on the dispersion line

As morals have declined


Live a life in darkness | Sterilized and torn

Don’t tolerate identity | That’s not why you are born!

Not a place for empathy | Inhumane the remnants

All the values left behind |Just execute the sentence

The Paradox


We’re the collaborators

The facts can’t be denied

Malignancy’s called ignorance

Let’s call it genocide

Huxley’s vision’s imprecise

‘cause Henry’s not the prophet

Generations pay the price

For the machinery of profit – the machinery


Our children take the weight

And founder to explain

The atrocities approved

In a system inhumane

Be aware what time will tell

History will judge us

The purpose will not justify

Driven by false means