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ENTHEOS – `Life in Slow Motion` Premiere im Video

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Die  Extreme Metal Unit ENTHEOS hat mit `Life in Slow Motion` einen neuen Track veröffentlicht, der wohl, wie bereits `An End To Everything` auf ein kommendes neues Album verweist. Allerdings stehen im Sommer erst einmal ausgiebige Touraktivitäten in Nordamerika auf dem Plan.

ENTHEOS Frontröhre Chaney Crabb erklärt zu `Life in Slow Motion`:

‚Life In Slow Motion‘ is a song about seeing life through the eyes of drug addiction and the ways that it affects not only the addict, but the people who surround them. It’s about wanting to return to a moment in life where the addiction took over and pondering what could have happened if things went another direction. Musically, this is one of the heaviest and fastest songs that we’ve written. We wanted the music to make listeners feel the tension that builds in the track, which ultimately is released with one of our heaviest breakdowns.“




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