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ENFORCED – `Starve´ Song- und Singledebüt der Thrasher

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Am 28. April werden ENFORCED ihren dritten Full-Length-Dreher „War Remains“ („32 minutes of aggressive, no-frills thrash!“) von der Kette lassen. Als weiterer musikalischer Appetithappen ist nun die Single `Starve´ samt Video veröffentlicht worden.

Frontmann Knox Colby erläutert:

„Ultimately, ‚Starve‘ is about being forced to produce when there’s no resources to do so, you then become the resource that’s produced/harvested. If I’m profitless, then I’m expendable, chaff; but even then I could’ve still given my life. So the song sketches out the final moments of someone who has given everything they have left to give, and it’s still not enough. They starve themselves to death and watch the world they’ve given everything to save still fall to shit. They give up and go crazy in the end. Their fruitfulness is deemed fruitless; leaving this world in agony; howling to rebel but not the desire to do so. Starved.“