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ENFORCED – Premiere des ‘Curtain Fire‘ Clips

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ENFORCED aus Richmond haben ihrer neuen Single ein Lyricvideo spendiert. Schön rau und grob geht es erwartungsgemäß bei ‘Curtain Fire‘ vom “Kill Grid“ Album zu, auch wenn der Track nicht zu den schnellsten zählt.

Shouter  Knox Colby erklärt dazu:

“It’s meant to soften up defenses or wipe them out completely. The lyrical narrative is on the defending end of curtain fire; ruminations on the death of soldiers, their grieving families, and how they’ll eventually be forgotten through time (a folded flag in a garage). The last few lines flip to the perspective of the attacker. With a very apathetic and unsympathetic attitude towards all the damage created, paving a parking lot over the conflict.” Guitarist Will Wagstaff on the music: “This song came together from the supernova of many other riffs/versions of the song. It was originally an up-tempo fast metal beat type of song. We kind of scraped that when we came up with the intro and realized it could be a really catchy song. Knox’s lyrics work perfectly with this song and make it extremely catchy along with the head bashing and solos.”