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ENDSEEKER – Deutscher Schweden-Death im ‘Count The Dead’ Video

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ENDSEEKER, die deutschen Todesmetaller mit Schwedensound, haben für den 16. April ihren Longplayer “Mount Carcass” angekündigt. Jetzt gibt es, nach ‘Unholy Rites‘, die zweite Vorabsingle zu sehen: ‘Count The Dead’.

Inhaltlich zeigt sich die Band politisch:

„With great concerns, we’re noticing the growing civil unrests and social division on a global scale. We constantly get confronted with violence and injustice in the media, witnessing the increasing decline of conversation powerlessly. We are aware that stability is not a given condition while autocratic and anti-democratic tendencies are on the rise, also in our system. How much longer can we live in peace when the community and constitutional principles are getting pushed further back constantly? Countless leaders and despots undermining democratic values have contributed to the negative global changes over the years. Hate spreads further and further, like a cancer, as we speak.
Nip things in the bud and leave no inch to fascist ideologies, warmongers and racketeers. Humanity has suffered a lot from misery coming from exclusion and hatred. We as a band stand up for democracy, participation, human rights, equality of opportunity, freedom of speech, social cohesion and global solidarity.“