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EMPRESS – `Eventide` Premiere als Video

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Das US-Amerikanische Symphonic Metal Outfit EMPRESS veröffentlicht, nach `Into The Grey` mit `Eventide` heute die zweite Single von ihrem Album „Fateweaver“, das für den 19. August geplant ist.

Sängerin Barbara Blackthorne erzählt über den Track der während  der Hochphase der Pandemie geschrieben wurde:

“Eventide is a very special song to Empress. This is the closest thing we have to a ballad and the lyrical subject matter was designed to fit the heart-wrenching mood Vlad presented to the rest of the band. Greif and loss are powerful, consuming emotions that we inevitably all face in our own ways. The song deals with this concept of grief and the video was designed to portray this idea through a singular and personal lens to tell the story of what its like when we lose the ones we love the most. Hopefully, providing a glimmer of hope to those who feel lost and alone in their darkest hour.“