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ELVENKING – “The Moon And The Magic” Videosingle veröffentlicht

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Im August 2019 haben ELVENKING ihr Konzept-Album “Reader Of The Runes – Divination” veröffentlicht. Jetzt haben die italienischen Folk Power Metaller mit “The Moon And The Magic” einen neuen Song vorgestellt, der sich der Geschichte anschließt.

Die Band erklärt dazu:

„The Moon and Magic” is the link between “Reader of the Runes – Divination” and the next chapters of the story to come. The song was written with the rest of the Divination material and was recorded during the sessions of the album but we wanted to have a bridge-song to be released between the first and the second album. It has been the last song written for the album with this specific idea in mind. The mood of both the music and the lyrics is kind of “calm-before-the storm”, a scene that catches the silence before everything reaches its climax. Plunge yourself into the Moon and Magic and read the Lines that no one reads…“