You are currently viewing EDGE OF SANITY – Remasterte Single & Video For `Black Tears` zu Neuauflagen

EDGE OF SANITY – Remasterte Single & Video For `Black Tears` zu Neuauflagen

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Dan Swanös Melodic Death Truppe EDGE OF SANITY veröffentlichen heute ihre remasterte Single `Black Tears` samt Video. Der Anlass sind die anstehenden Re-issues der lange vergriffenen EDGE OF SANITY Veröffentlichungen  “Purgatory Afterglow” und  “Until Eternity Ends” am 21. Juni.  Auch die die Hard Rockige, ebenfalls von Dan Swanö angeführte Band NIGHTINGALE  erhält am gleichen Tag eine Widerveröffentlichung, nämlich von “Nightfall Overture“.

Weitere Rereleases stehen dann im August an.



When I’m in this state of mind
I’m wishing I was blind. Sometimes life is
more than pain, to me
I feel the power of my grief. Death would be
such a relief. All the secrets that I hide
would die, with me.
Depression is my only friend. Will this
torture never end? Let me carry on to
the dreamers sky.
I keep crying in my dreams.
Can you hear my endless screams?
When I fade away I fade, away.

This Fluid on my cheek, it drains me
I get weak. My heart is cold and bleak.
Black blood. Black tears.

Life is like a masquerade. In debt to myself,
but I can’t pay. Soon I’ll call it all a day, away.
I’ve never felt what you call guilt.
I still believe „Do what thou wilt“
My sorrow will destroy the world I’ve built.