You are currently viewing EDGE OF PARADISE – `Rogue (Aim for the Kill)` Premiere im Video

EDGE OF PARADISE – `Rogue (Aim for the Kill)` Premiere im Video

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EDGE OF PARADISE, die Los Angeles Metal Truppe um Frontfrau Margarita Monet, hat soeben ihr Video zur neuen Single `Rogue (Aim for the Kill)` veröffentlicht.

Sängerin Margarita Monet sagt über den Track:

„‚ROGUE‘ is a supercharged anthem, propelling the band into an exciting new era on all fronts! Fueled by our history and the thought-provoking narratives of our past albums, ‚Rogue‘ smashes through every barrier we’ve encountered over the years and reshapes our own limits! This song truly captures our spirit and we hope to spark inspiration in others to never give up on their extraordinary paths! So let’s ‚Aim for the Kill‘ together, united by the unwavering strength!“

Anlass des Videos dürfte der Labelwechsel sowie die anstehende US Tour mit Firewind und Immortal Guardiansein.



Photo Credit: Darren LaFreniere