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EDGE OF FOREVER – `Ritual Pt. I´ vom kommenden Album

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Die aus Italien stammenden Hard Rocker EDGE OF FOREVER um Mastermind und Sänger/Keyboarder Alessandro Del Vecchio sowie Gitarrist Aldo Lonobile kündigen mit der ersten Single `Ritual Pt. I` samt Musikvideo ihr kommendes Album „Ritual“ an.



1. Where Are You?
2. Water Be My Path
3. Freeing My Will
4. The Last One
5. Love Is the Only Answer
6. Forever’s Unfolding
7. Ritual Pt. I
8. Ritual Pt. II Revert Destiny
9. Ritual Pt. III Taunting Souls
10. Ritual Pt. IV Baptized in Fire
11. Ritual Pt. V Ride the Wings of Hope
12. Ritual Pt. VI Cross My Eyes
13. Ritual Pt. VII Reconciliation