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ECLIPSE – 80er Rocker streamen neue `Hearts Collide` Single

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Schwedens 80ies Hard Rock Outfit ECLIPSE stellt heute seine neue catchy Single `Hearts Collide` vor.  Der Ohrwurmtrack stammt vom neunten Album mit dem Titel “Megalomanium“. Der Erscheinungstermin für die neue Scheibe ist der 01. September.

Sänger Erik Mårtensson erklärt den Albumtitel:

“Since the previous record WIRED, we have been fortunate enough to be able to play to a lot of different audiences all over the world. No matter where we are, we always find a way to connect with people through those initial roots of rock ‘n roll music. MEGALOMANIUM is precisely that: it’s Eclipse paying homage to the full scope that is our ever-growing fan base through the elements that have become staples in the band’s catalog, but also daring to venture into new uncharted territories and sounds. MEGALOMANIUM is an album riddled with the full DNA of the band, a fearless dive into the deep end of the pool – or in this case – the lake Siljan surrounding the island in the middle of Sweden where we record all our music.”

Das Video zur Single geht heute um 15:00 CET online. Hören könnt ihr den Song aber bereits.




  1. The Hardest Part Is Losing You
  2. Got It!
  3. Anthem
  4. Children Of The Night
  5. Hearts Collide
  6. I Don’t Get It
  7. The Broken
  8. So Long,Farewell, Goodbye
  9. High Road
  10. One Step Closer To You
  11. Forgiven