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DUST BOLT – `Leave Nothing Behind` Video zeigt neue Seite

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So langsam nähert sich die Veröffentlichung des lange angekündigten und mit mehreren Vorabsingles versehenen „Sound & Fury“ Album von DUST BOLT. Dieses mal präsentiert die, offenbar ehemalige,  OS Thrash Band sich im sehr modernen Gewand. Am besten ihr hört es euch direkt hier im Video zu `Leave Nothing Behind` an.

DUST BOLT kommentieren:

„First time in our lives, since we were kids, we were somehow separated from another and the dream we lived together seemed to stopped. It was during the pandemic days, when the band even decided to take a break from one another, when Flo came up with this beautiful piece of music – not knowing how he would channel and express our feelings, leading to LB putting some Dust Bolt unusual, but heartfelt vocals on it and having Nico introducing a disco beat to a metal song in the end.  We didn’t know what was happening – we just did it.  We did know, there’d be a million voices saying we can’t put this up on a Dust Bolt record. But more than that we knew „as long as we stick together, we can do anything the *** we want“ . Sound and Fury is a story about friendship, struggle & inner turmoil. SuF is a story about us. SuF is a different, open and honest Dust Bolt, sharing their emotion with you and your friends.“





  1. Leave Nothing Behind
  2. I Witness
  3. I am the One
  4. New Flame
  5. Burning Pieces
  6. Sound and Fury
  7. Love & Reality
  8. Bluedeep
  9. Disco Nnection
  10. You Make Me Feel (Nothing)
  11. Feel the Storm
  12. Little Stone


Photo Credit: Niklas Niessner

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