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DUST BOLT – `I Am the One` zur Albumveröffentlichung

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DUST BOLT haben ihren Anhängern reichlich Zeit gelassen und jede Menge Vorabmaterial gestreamt, um sich an den neuen Stil der ehemalis reinen Thrash Formation zu gewöhnen. Gestern ist dann das “Sound And Fury“  endlich erschienen und  DUST BOLT haben den Track `I Am the One` hochgeladen.

DUST BOLT schreiben dazu:

‚I am the One‘ is a example of my favourite styles of music, and so on my roots, combined into one heavy song. I had a of friend of mine, who is now actually the bassplayer in Dust Bolt haha, saying to me: just do what you love, man, and combine it! If not you, who else can bring the blues into Thrash?! That was really inspiring to me. It hit the message of the whole album 100 percent. So I kinda did that, went over to the boys and said „let’s jam, I got somethin here!“


“Sound And Fury“ Trackliste:

  1. Leave Nothing Behind
  2. I Witness
  3. I am the One
  4. New Flame
  5. Burning Pieces
  6. Sound and Fury
  7. Love & Reality
  8. Bluedeep
  9. Disco Nnection
  10. You Make Me Feel (Nothing)
  11. Feel the Storm
  12. Little Stone


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