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DREAMYTH (ft. Herbie Langhans) – `Aletheia` Clip der Power Metaller

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DREAMYTH  bringen Power Metal aus Spanien und veröffentlichen am 14. April 2023 ihr Debüt. “ Mythology“  soll das Werk heißen, von dem die Band jetzt die erste Single veröffentlicht hat. Dafür hat das Quintett die Special Guests special guests Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia), Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind) und Eduardo Guilló (Sun of the Dying, Crusade of Bards) verpflichten können. `Aletheia` wird musikalisch von Firewind / Avantasia Member Herbie Langhans unterstützt.

Über den Song erzählt Adrián Carrero:

„This tune was one of the first songs to stay in our head, and soon in yours too, one of the songs that undoubtedly had to be on the album. Melodic, heavy with a dose of epic choruses but simple. It was always one of our favorites, but thanks to Herbie Langhans and his outstanding performance he has elevated it to a level that is hard to beat. We think we have all managed to capture in it our strength, desire, and enthusiasm for this new adventure we are starting.“





  1. Creatio Ex Nihilo (Intro) – 1:10
  2. Odyssey – 4:02
  3. Aletheia – 5:03
  4. In this Nightmare – 4:27
  5. The Curse of the Erinyes – 3:55
  6. Dreamland – 6:18
  7. Firelove – 7:22
  8. Fairytale – 4:55
  9. My Delight – 4:55
  10. Down to the Moon – 5:19
  11. In Aeternum (Outro) – 2:27
  12. Cuento de Hadas (Bonus track) – 4:56