You are currently viewing DREAM OCEAN –Video-Single: ’Eterna Espera’ Premiere

DREAM OCEAN –Video-Single: ’Eterna Espera’ Premiere

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Die Deutsch-Türkische Symphonic Metal Band DREAM OCEAN hatte zuletzt ein Crowd-Funding Kampagne gestartet, um ihr zweites Album “The Missing Stone”, das am 24. September veröffentlicht wird, zu unterstützen. Das erste Ergebnis seht ihr mit dem Video zur neuen Single ’Eterna Espera’.



Doors closed behind

Promises broken

As your heart, as my heart


No one knows, no one cares

What’s inside

What’s left behind

Tragedy is lying between you and me.


Give me a new source of life

That I can consume to thrive.

Until the last drop of und

A hopeful blindly loving heart.


Now there is an ice wall rising before me

And you are on the other side


No one knows, what could be

If you and I…


There’s a fire burning between you and me


Your devotion is wearing off

while you’re waiting eternally

Don’t deny the pain that you’re in.


Fight with me !!!!