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Doom-Death: CONSECRATION veröffentlichen ‘To Welcome The Grey‘ Clip

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Die Death und Doom Metal Band aus dem United Kingdom, CONSECRATION veröffentlichen ihr Lyricvideo  zu ‘To Welcome The Grey‘ vom 2019er Album Fragilium“.

Sänger Daniel Bollans hat über den Song so einiges zu erzählen:

  The track ‘To Welcome The Grey’ deals with emptiness and feelings of loss – of no longer having people that you love so dearly around you all the time; and the anguish at not being able to participate in the fullness of their life anymore. I tried to make the lyrics open to interpretation, without being too direct in the very personal meaning of them.
I touch on the way that every little thing you do changes, all of the things that are taken for granted, become instead empty shells – devoid of meaning; with everything becoming hollow and empty. How looking at random objects that all have memories associated with them reduces you to nothingness, and the way once busy parts of your life are now completely silent.
For the video, I deliberately chose a number of clips that, to me; reinforce these feelings of isolation, grieving and despair. Lonely woods, images of rainfall, subdued scenes and the like. Alongside these I developed a couple of narratives, one being the journey in the video travelling through different places, which gradually get bleaker and more desolate. The other a story looking into what may have been lost; with the use of the images of the female, hands, child, etc. Again, I wanted to keep this quite open to allow people to have their own ideas; so, I didn’t want to be too specific. However, the child and the swing are quite poignant. I feel all the different aspects have come together quite well.
I also added another subtle journey, of the lonely leaf, which is used metaphorically to represent that which you have loved and lost, now fallen from the protection of the tree; lonely and broken.
The leaf meets a rather unfortunate end!“