You are currently viewing DISTURBED – Neue Single `Bad Man` im AI Video

DISTURBED – Neue Single `Bad Man` im AI Video

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Kurz vor der morgigen Veröffentlichung des “Divisive“ Albums schicken DISTURBED ihre Single `Bad Man` ins Rennen. Das wirklich sehenswerte AI Video zum Song könnt ihr euch hier anschauen.



Bad man, such a sad man

Is it ever enough

Will you ever find a new obsession

What a bad man, like a blind man

So lost in the dark

Still searching for his own salvation

Bad man, you’ve been had man

You can never return

And you’re never going to find redemption now


Bad man… a bad man

Another madman



Oh bad man, what’s the reason why

Innocents always have to die by your hand.

No, I will never understand

Why these cowards bow your demands

We’re all victims of/at the mercy of… another bad man


Bad man, no, you didn’t think that we were ready for war, and you questioned our determination

Take it back man, ’cause we’re not dealing with your shit anymore, you’re about to have an education

Damn man, got a plan man, need to settle the score, there’s no way that you can be forgiven now.


Bad man… a bad man

A fucking madman