You are currently viewing DISTANT ft. Suicide Silence, Emmure, Cabal, etc.  – `Argent Justice´ Track und Clip

DISTANT ft. Suicide Silence, Emmure, Cabal, etc. – `Argent Justice´ Track und Clip

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Für ihre neue Single haben die niederländischen Deathcorer DISTANT mit 16 verschiedenen Vokalisten von Suicide Silence, Emmure, Bodysnatcher, Angelmaker, Cabal, Crown Magnetar, Paleface und vielen anderen mehr zusammengearbeitet, wie Frontmann Alan Grnja nochmal erklärt:

„The inspiration for that came from animated shows in the 90s where Spider Man would team up with X-Men and stuff like that! We did that on a track in 2020 called `Argent Debt´ where we had five other people. We were inspired by being on tour in America and so many of us jumping up onstage and playing together. Every vocalist on this track sounds unique. It´s a bright colorful rainbow of Deathcore singers!“



At the doors of the temple we fell for the last time

We fell and we couldn’t reach it

They took us down into dark

Past everything the light is touching

We all come from the depths of hell

With justice embedded in our steel

We’ll take the revenge into our own hands


Prying open the eyes of the public

Forcing witness to mass deicide

And ashen thrones

I live to stain internal walls with terror


Shadows of a dying realm

As I exist in a state of constant suffering

Bleed in silence in this maggot infinity

The flame is gone and all life is expelled


Through this lense I see the hellscape surrounding me

An inescapable hunger enveloping my soul

To devour everything in sight

To rip and tear, mass execution in daylight

Rule through the fear that my blade brings, coated in crimson red the blood of the dead

They lay a plenty beneath my feet, final breath’s expelled from lungs depleted

The sound of bones breaking: music to my ears

Eradicating these demons that haunted me for years

Scraping away my spirit decays with each passing day

I never found a reason to have any fucking faith

I’ll never find a way to leave this hellscape


I’ll never find a way to leave this hellscape


Hang the corpses of human meat for all those to see.


Bodies piled high as mountains


Tribute the Icon Of Sin.


Entrails ridden with maggots and vermin


Smear blood and shit through the streets


God does not reside in this realm of existence.


These thoughts of mine just won’t stop

The devil in me can’t shut up

Humans devour my soul like lust in my bones

I can’t stop my taste for blood

So now these empty vessels will pleasure my soul

Oh lucifer please come and take me whole


Upon a soulless throne, no longer sits the one, I slain the Holy child


The existence of the lifeless black soul

I see myself on the sacred battlefield

Where devotion and sins are revealed

The powers proven to end this madness

The rays of light a truth of all the meaning

My justice rages for all to feel


Your false gods will fall

Our mere presence will erase them all

Fall to your knees and hear our call

We will erase them all


I’m heartless,

Fuck this earth till it bleeds,

Raping this soil like no end to our needs,


Nothing will stop me from crushing the pillars that keep up the chosen from bending their knees, get fucked!


Like we’ve been for years,

Centuries leeching and breeding from fear,

Wretched, soulless, dark puppeteers,

Nothing will stop me I’m burning this bitch to the ground!


Between the moans of earth and aethers wail

Is where the will of tyranny shall wilt – shall wilt

Every drop of blood will be repaid

A head will fall before the red – the motherfucking red parade


I’ve seen your god.

False is his light.

I won’t be deceived by your lord who carries the cross of shame.


The demise of humanity is a never-ending cycle of suffering


Your whole planet will bleed


Your planet will bleed