You are currently viewing DEVIN TOWNSEND – veröffentlicht Livevideo für ‚Why?‘

DEVIN TOWNSEND – veröffentlicht Livevideo für ‚Why?‘

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Eines der größten Chamäleons im Metal Zirkus ist und war immer DEVIN TOWNSEND der zwischen ultrabrutal, nur noch hektisch bis zu wunderschön und zuckersüß so ziemlich alles an musikalischen Spielarten beherrscht und dabei immer zwischen Genie und Wahnsinn wandelt.

Am 23 erscheint sein ‚Order of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1‘ als Tonträger und als Blu-rey. Den operesk durchgeknallten Song ‘WHY?‘ vom “Epitah“ Album könnt ihr euch jetzt schon mal ansehen.

So once upon a time, in a land not much different than the one we’re living in now, there used to be things called ‚concerts‘ where a bunch of human beings would assemble to watch awkward performances and get shitfaced on overpriced beer. Tour managers would solve problems while simultaneously hitting on women, and musicians would complain about not being home (until getting home, where they would then complain about not being on tour). During one of these ‚tours‘, I myself assembled 10 brilliant people, confident enough to play challenging material, while simultaneously acting like goofs with me onstage. This is from the upcoming ‚Order Of Magnitude‘ DVD, and the song is called ‚Why‘. Kudos to Diego for being able to pull off a full symphony with only 4 limbs, and the rest of the band for not batting an eye when I presented the ideas I had for this show. Che, Samantha, Anne and Arabella came to me and said ‚look, if we have to wear this stuff, you have to as well…‘ so my Tutu was a show of solidarity with band members, but as the saying goes ‚I’ve seen better legs hanging out of a nest‘ I look forward to a time where we get to do this again, but if that’s not meant to be, I loved this, so thanks to everyone involved.



Titelfoto: Christie Goodwin