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DEVIN TOWNSEND – Teilt `Evermore` vom kommenden Livealbum

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DEVIN TOWNSEND , das Musikgenie oder auch der Wahnsinnige, beides liegt ja bekannterweise nah beieinander, kündigt für den 04. August seine Livescheibe mit dem  Titel ”Empath – Live In America” (Devolution Series #3) an und stellt mit dem Song `Evermore` die erste Aufnahme davon online. Die Devolution Serie stellt seltene oder besondere Liveshows vor, wie auch diese von der 2020, wegen der weltweiten Pandemie abgebrochenen Tour.

DEVIN schreibt dazu:

“Hello everyone 🙂 Continuing in the ‘Devolution’ series of albums (which has been an avenue for us to release cool little curiosities on the side of regular releases) we bring you ‘Devolution #3 – Empath: Live In America’.

This was a very unique tour for me, and one that was regrettably cut short by the pandemic. It was a stripped-back version of the ‘Order of Magnitude’ band (without choir and a few other members…), but as I try to do with each tour, the goal was to make this a unique and special night. Therefore, this tour marked a ‘free form’ version of the material. There were no backing tracks, click tracks, or even a setlist, so every night was unique and different. The audience yelled out requests and we just rolled with it. The material was therefore interpreted in unique ways and the experience was a very special ‘fly by the seat of our pants’ musical night.

It’s a raw and off-kilter performance and I’m thrilled to have documented it. Until the next ‘real’ release, I hope you enjoy this rarity from a special, albeit ill-fated tour.”